Questions and Answers


Q ~ What forms of payment do you take? 


A ~ We take all forms of payment including cash, check, money order, credit cards and Paypal.


Q ~ Do I have to pay a deposit to hold my dates?

A ~ Yes. A 30% deposit is due at the time of scheduling to hold your time slot on the calendar.  All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE Balance will be due upon our arrival at your home.  Please write checks to the person completing your assignment. 

Q ~ Will I get to meet you before you come sit for me and my pets?

A ~ We always try to set up a time to meet in person before the actual sit time so that we can all get to know each other before we come to stay.  Sometimes that is not feasible because of extenuating circumstances such as you need us right away and there is not enough time or we are scheduled on other assignments.  If that situation arises we try to make sure that we have an extended conversation on the phone and also try to be at your home an hour or so before you leave so that we have time to discuss specifics and so that you can introduce us to your pets and show us around the house.  It rarely happens that we cannot meet with our clients first, but it does happen occasionally. 

Q ~ Are you Insured and Bonded?

A ~ Yes!  We are insured and bonded.

Q ~ How long has I Sit, You Go been in business?

A ~ I Sit, You Go opened for business in July of 2012.

Q ~ Can you give my pets their medications?  And do you charge extra for those services?

A ~ Yes!  We can give most medications without a fee.  There is an extra fee for insulin shots and medical procedures such as wound/bandage care and PT.  Please see the "Menu of Services/Rates" tab.

Q ~  I only need you to come to my house 2 times a day to feed my cat….do you do that? 

A ~ Our primary goal is to provide in-home pet care where we stay in your home while you are away.  However, we do provide an hourly service as well as a drop-in visit service when our schedule permits it.  Please see the "Menu of Services/Rates" tab.

Q ~  I only need you to stay in my home for one night….do you have a minimum of nights required? 

A ~ Our minimum night requirement is 3 nights.

Q ~ I see that you charge a daily rate.  Does that mean that if I don't need you there till 4 p.m. on the first day, or I will be home by 9 a.m. on the final day that I will be charged for those days as well?

A ~ Yes.  Our daily fees are charged on a per day basis.  If we are there for any portion of a day we do charge for the full day.


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