Meet Our I Sit, You Go Team
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Jena McGraw

Jena is the owner of I Sit, You Go.  She started this business in July of 2012 and has worked full-time house sitting ever since.  She is a 49 year old, single, mother of 2 grown boys who no longer live at home.  She is the eldest of 6 children and is known in her family as the “organizer”, so as you might imagine she is a very organized, detailed, responsible and take charge type of person.  While house sitting she also runs a virtual assistant business and resells online.......all from her laptop while loving your furbabies.   

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Jenny Johns 

Jenny is an artist, retired grandmother of 2 and the most wonderful mother to both Jena and Melanie.  She paints beautiful portraits of both pets and people.  You can stop by her website at to check out her artwork!  Jenny has been with I Sit, You Go since the beginning and loves working with all the different animals that she comes in contact with.





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 Melanie Steffe & Brad Krantz

Melanie is a budding photographer and Brad loves creating beautiful wood creations.  Both have extensive experience working with farm animals/livestock.  Melanie has worked with I Sit, You Go since the beginning and is every pets best friend!